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Featured Movies :
"American Heist (2014)"
Genre: Action
Release: 16 January 2015
Length: 94 min
Views: 0 (47 votes)
Rate: 55%
"The Wedding Ringer (2015)"
Genre: Comedy , Romance
Release: 16 January 2015
Length: 101 min
Views: 0 (30 votes)
Rate: 79%
"Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014)"
Genre: Thriller , Romance
Release: 16 December 2014
Length: 120 min
Views: 0 (29 votes)
Rate: 72%
"Vice (II) (2015)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 16 January 2015
Length: 96 min
Views: 0 (66 votes)
Rate: 59%
"Seventh Son (I) (2014)"
Genre: Fantasy , Family , Adventure
Release: 6 February 2015
Length: 102 min
Views: 0 (36 votes)
Rate: 80%
"Taken 3 (2014)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Crime
Release: January 09, 2015
Length: 109 min
Views: 0 (125 votes)
Rate: 85%
"Cake (II) (2014)"
Genre: Drama
Release: 23 January 2015
Length: 102 min
Views: 0 (41 votes)
Rate: 74%
"A Most Violent Year (2014)"
Genre: Action , Drama , Crime , Animation
Release: 31 December 2014
Length: 125 min
Views: 0 (26 votes)
Rate: 69%
"Kill the Messenger (2014)"
Genre: Drama , Crime , Biography
Release: 10 February 2015
Length: 112 min
Views: 0 (47 votes)
Rate: 86%

Recently Added Movies :
"Jurassic City (2014)"
Genre: Sci-Fi
Release: 3 February 2015
Length: 88 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Hitori kakurenbo: Gekijo-ban (2009)"
Genre: Horror
Release: 23 May 2009
Length: 83 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Deadliest Prey (2013)"
Genre: Action
Release: 1 November 2013
Length: 80 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 20%
"Ombis: Alien Invasion (2013)"
Genre: Action , Horror , Sci-Fi
Release: 18 May 2013
Length: 85 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 20%
"Breeding Farm (2013)"
Genre: Horror
Release: 4 January 2013
Length: 85 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 60%
"In Order of Disappearance (2014)"
Genre: Comedy , Action , Crime
Release: 21 February 2014
Length: 116 min
Views: 0 (3 votes)
Rate: 100%
"A Woman's Deeper Journey Into Sex (2014)"
Genre: Documentary , History
Release: 2 March 2014
Length: 75 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Valley of the Witch (2014)"
Genre: Horror
Release: 13 January 2015
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (5 votes)
Rate: 28%
"John Oliver: Terrifying Times (2008)"
Genre: Comedy
Release: 20 April 2008
Length: 60 min
Views: 0 (2 votes)
Rate: 40%
Most watched Movies :
"The Avengers (2012)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 4 May 2012
Length: 142 min
Views: 0 (2337 votes)
Rate: 92%
"Fast Five (2011)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Crime
Release: 15 April 2011
Length: 130 min
Views: 0 (2574 votes)
Rate: 91%
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 29 June 2011
Length: 157 min
Views: 0 (1982 votes)
Rate: 90%
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1..."
Genre: Fantasy , Action , Adventure , Mystery
Release: 19 November 2010
Length: 146 min
Views: 0 (2074 votes)
Rate: 88%
"X-Men: First Class (2011)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 3 June 2011
Length: 132 min
Views: 0 (1335 votes)
Rate: 88%
"Inception (2010)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Sci-Fi , Mystery , See more
Release: 20 August 2010
Length: 148 min
Views: 0 (1545 votes)
Rate: 92%
"Salt (2010)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , See more
Release: 11 August 2010
Length: 100 min
Views: 0 (1328 votes)
Rate: 85%
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)"
Genre: Fantasy , Drama , Romance , Adventure
Release: 22 December 2011
Length: 117 min
Views: 0 (2028 votes)
Rate: 86%
"The Dark Knight Rises (2012)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Crime , Adventure
Release: 16 August 2012
Length: 164 min
Views: 0 (1113 votes)
Rate: 91%
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)"
Genre: Fantasy , Drama , Romance , Adventure
Release: 14 November 2012
Length: 115 min
Views: 0 (1437 votes)
Rate: 90%
"Thor (2011)"
Genre: Fantasy , Action , Drama , Adventure
Release: 6 May 2011
Length: 114 min
Views: 0 (1636 votes)
Rate: 89%
"The Hunger Games (2012)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Sci-Fi
Release: 22 March 2012
Length: 142 min
Views: 0 (1575 votes)
Rate: 89%

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Last 20 Movie Comments :

I Liked It....But Cake (II) (2014) "C" Movies
The movie was good, and funnier than I thought it would be. I love Jennifer A. I was happy when they put in that scene of her beating up the creep that ruined her life. I think that livened the movie up a bit. I do feel that something was lacking so that fight scene was good but I wish they would have given us something more. Maybe her screaming from her pain or when she went into her son\'s room. The writers should have given us more of a chance to see her handle her physical and emotional pain with some kind of dramatic scene aside from laying on the train tracks. I did however like how she was able to pull off this dramatic role.
Interesting Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. (2014) "D" Movies
It was ok movie, wife not enough expressive in my view, hubby got what he deserved lol
Yikes In Order of Disappearance (2014) "I" Movies
OMD. It not only has subs, but has a dub over a dub. Confusing to the max.
Bad Reaper (I) (2014) "R" Movies
What the hell! This movie is plain stupid and BAD. The script was lazily written and terrible. Amateurish. The acting was mediocre. It was full of cliches after cliches. The actions of the characters just didn\'t make sense at all. ***spoiler alert*** Like, if you\'re going to steal from a dealer, how about not pushing your luck too much, by stealing from another, the very same day. That\'s signing your name on a bullet. I was screaming at the screen! And the cop. Really! He felt so fake. He sees dead bodies and doesn\'t call for backup? And when those 3 get chance to save their lives, they decide to return back to their room, instead of escaping outside? Who does that! And why did the Reaper choose this hotel and not elsewhere in town? Just bad, bad, BAD! Do not waste you time
wow As Above, So Below (2014) "A" Movies
awesome movie. Kept me glued to the end. pretty scary stuff that is involved. I felt claustrophobic throughout the movie but I think the story got to me more. well worth the watch. 4/5
walk among tombstones A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014) "A" Movies
good watch...good action...drama wise...worth a watch... find out for yourself..... audio 10 video 09 thank you Z as always, grof
Beinpo for FedUp -- American Sniper (2014) "A" Movies
Hey my friend FedUp, Beinpo here. No. Acting is not portraying someone who is already known, and no one can actually portray them. Acting is creating a character you\'ve never experienced before, someone who creates a brand new experience, not someone who creates an experience which has been overused. Beinpo Rodriguez, the #1 movie critic, yep, that\'s me.
American Sniper (2014) "A" Movies
[quote]Cooper simply portrayed someone else\'s life, so why get an Oscar for it? [quote]Umm news flash - thats what acting is...portraying something you arent. Doesnt matter if its a fictional character or one based on a real person. All I can say is - DUH! That being said i am not saying his performance was all that, but come on..think before you post.
Shocking tale American Sniper (2014) "A" Movies
Audio: 10/10 Video: 10/10 Entertainment: 8/10 Another story based on real life events. It was shocking at times and shows us just how horrible war can be. And while I am on that subject since the critic below me (hue and cry) wants to bring it up, the US Army is simply a tool for the REAL evil in the world and the ones behind nearly EVERY major war since the pre-colonial days when this country was founded - that being the International Bankers and their bedfellows the Corporate Industrial War complex machine. I dont usually go into a tirade about such things here, because this is a MOVIE sight, and not the place for people to get on their soap boxes and start preaching about how the world, history, or w/e else they bitch and moan about after watching a movie here. Let me ask any of you would be self righteous individuals one question: Other than getting on here and writing some critique about how you feel the world and things in it are so messed up, what do YOU yourself DO about it other than pass judgement? ffs..ENOUGH already. I chose my ScreenName on this site for a reason: I am FEDUP listening to you give your two cents meanwhile I bet you post that garbage and then go back to your merry little life and do absolutely NOTHING about it. How about you stop bitching and actually DO something for once other than the minimal effort it takes you to post a few lines on a movie site board. Get active, get involved or pls just stfu. You are just as guilty in your complacency as the very people you are so quick to judge. (rant over).
Simply Amazing Unbroken (I) (2014) "U" Movies
Audio:10/10 Video 10/10 Entertainment: 9/10 Wow. What an amazing tale of one mans perseverance against soul crushing odds. The fact this is based on a true story is reason enough to say it was simply amazing! The acting was superb, the flow of the story was well done and in spite of a slightly less than stellar performance on the main antagonist in the film (the only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10), over all this movie will grip you and show you what its possible to endure if one simply refuses to be \"Broken\". Definitely watch this one, you will NOT be disappointed.


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